The following outlines four of the five types of data I am pursuing in Boyd K. Packer’s (BKP) books:

Teach Ye Diligently. Boyd K. Packer. Deseret Book Company, 1975. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

  • “Forward” by A. Theodore Tuttle. pg. vii. Keywords: Boyd K. Packer, Teach Ye Diligently (book), hobbies/interests, family, teaching, language, career. Characters Developed: Boyd K. Packer, Donna Packer.
  • Chapter 1. “You Have Some Teaching to Do.” Keywords: teacher(s), student(s), teaching, tricks of the trade, moral and spiritual values, this book, church teachers. Characters or Metaphor developed: Master Craftsman.

Frequently used words & phrases (antecedents in parenthesis): he (BKP) x36, his (BKP) x22, teacher(s) x20, teaching (n) x20, you (reader) x18, teach (v) x17, lens(es) x13, he (young student) x10, home x9, I (BKP) x9, teaching (v) x9, do x8, book (TYD) x7, children x7, Elder Packer x7, family x6, we (students) x6, bird(s) x5, him (BKP) x5, I (A. Theodore Tuttle) x5, parent(s) x5, she (Packer, Donna) x5, we (LDS) x5, gospel x4, he (master craftsman) x4, moral value(s) x4, polish (v) x4, the priesthood x4, spiritual value(s) x4, a teaching x4, we (church member) x4, we (general) x4.

Citations: D&C 88:77-78


The Things of the Soul. Boyd K. Packer. Bookcraft, 1996. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

  • Chapter 1. “The Things of the Soul” pg. 3. Keywords: Book of Mormon, readers, Lehi’s posterity, Nephi, Jacob, BoM not-historical, scripture saga. Characters or Metaphor developed: none.
  • Chapter 2. “We Believe All that God Has Revealed” pg. 10. Keywords: revelation, scripture, diamonds, skeptics, tests, formulas, Holy Ghost. Characters or Metaphor developed: Young Man and his Diamond.

Frequently used words & phrases (antecedents in parenthesis): you (reader) x30, Book of Mormon x21, we (LDS) x21, it (Book of Mormon) x17, diamond(s) x16, I (BKP) x14, revelation(s) x14, scripture(s) x12, I (Nephi) x11, stone(s) x11, God x10, the Lord x10, Old Testament x9, prophet(s) x9, book(s) (scripture) x8, he (Nephi) x8, test(s) x8, book (Book of Mormon) x7, Christ x7, Lehi x7, read x7, they (skeptics) x7, account (Book of Mormon) x6, Bible x6, he (Joseph Smith) x6, the prophet Isaiah x6, know(s) x6, the Small Plates of Nephi x6, record (Book of Mormon) x6, truth x6

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