Maybe 10 Minutes of Blogging Will Do

Today is one of those days I wish I could just sit and write. It’s raining outside. I love rain and treasure it. We’re gonna get rain here in Utah for only another month or so and then we’ll get nothing until September.

The rain we’re getting smells just so good, but all my homework and study needs keeps me from sitting next to a window and writing. I just spent three hours catching up on my French homework (no deadline on this work). I did some financial aid. I did some research for a paper I need to finish outlining by the end of this weekend (I should be okay). I also did some exercise so I can reverse my getting fatter habits.

But I have written anything important all week. I’ve written an essay a day all through spring break, except last night when I got to fight with a backed up toilet for three hours. Essays are nice, but the essays part of my GRE prep regime.

I need to write a poem or outline a short story or brainstorm a novella. Something. Nope. I got reading to do for the rest of the night. I’ve got academics who’ve been dead for decades calling for attention and demanding grey-matter.

I guess I’ll have to put it off some more. I read about some of the complaints people have for MFA student about how they are forced to write. I love the idea. I can’t wait. Before I started school in the fall, I was writing a hiaku or a tanka a day and posting them to twitter. I haven’t done that since August, but in August I had a poetry class to write for. Not this semester. I have a lit class, a rhetoric class, a philosophy class, and two French classes. Nothing that demands creative attention.

I’d love to have an MFA workshop whip snapping behind me. I’d love to sit next to the window and write for me, the cosmos, my grand-kids, God, and maybe no one.


School at Utah Valley University Starts Monday.

I registered for classes & I’ve been fighting with financial aid at Utah Valley University. School starts Monday. I’m pretty excited a just a little scared. I haven’t been in class for quite some time & from what I’ve been told, the classroom dialectic has changed.

The free & open exchange of ideas is no longer an option. Some speech by some students is not welcome.

I’ve decided if my voice is not welcome in a particular discussion, then I’ll keep it under my hate & dialogue with the teacher through email. I don’t want to cause a fuss & I also don’t want some younger students to feel like I’m the enemy.

Regarding my Boyd K. Packer research, I’m still working a bit every day. I’m slowly proceeding, but eventually, I’ll be able to start publishing papers.

Related to this, I’m going to be doing a load of volunteer hours working for a new on campus religious studies journal that’s yet to be named & I’m going to start working directly with Boyd Peterson, an editor on Dialogue, a Mormon Studies literary journal. I’m pretty stoked.