Tuesday & Thursday Studies

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a Mormon Studies class and a French class. I like both for different reasons. I like the Mormon Studies class, because it examines issues facing LDS Intellectuals in academia rather than big issues being dealt with in Mormon culture or the news. It is pretty fascination because while most religious traditions have professional academics who are part of the structure of the religion, Mormonism does not. Most people who study Mormonism do so as part of a university instead of being paid by a church. BYU has a number of academic who are Mormon studying Mormon history and religious text, but BYU doesn’t have anyone who studies Mormon theology or anthropology. Historian, philosophers, theologians, anthropologists, literary critics, scriptorians, and what not who study Mormonism as a part of their academic profession are almost always employed outside of the LDS formal educational bureaucracy and because of that there is a lot of tension between the actual LDS church and academics who study Mormonism even if the intellectual in question is a loyal, believing member of the LDS church. What we examine in class rarely is discussed in church if ever other than when an LDS religious leader acts against university professors who study Mormonism.

I like the French class because it is a welcome relief from my other classes. The French class is hard, but it is not nearly as serious an endeavor as the Philosophy of Mormonism, Rhetoric, and the study of American Novels.


School at Utah Valley University Starts Monday.

I registered for classes & I’ve been fighting with financial aid at Utah Valley University. School starts Monday. I’m pretty excited a just a little scared. I haven’t been in class for quite some time & from what I’ve been told, the classroom dialectic has changed.

The free & open exchange of ideas is no longer an option. Some speech by some students is not welcome.

I’ve decided if my voice is not welcome in a particular discussion, then I’ll keep it under my hate & dialogue with the teacher through email. I don’t want to cause a fuss & I also don’t want some younger students to feel like I’m the enemy.

Regarding my Boyd K. Packer research, I’m still working a bit every day. I’m slowly proceeding, but eventually, I’ll be able to start publishing papers.

Related to this, I’m going to be doing a load of volunteer hours working for a new on campus religious studies journal that’s yet to be named & I’m going to start working directly with Boyd Peterson, an editor on Dialogue, a Mormon Studies literary journal. I’m pretty stoked.