Summer Anthology: Touchstones

I am the editor-in-chief of Touchstones. Touchstones is the undergraduate art and literature journal at Utah Valley University. We are doing an anthology or selections edition during the summer of the last ten years of the journal. Eleven years ago, I was the editor-in-chief (EiC) of the Spring 2007 edition and hoped to be the EiC of the then anthology, but disaster happened: I ran afoul of a bureaucratic slip-up in the UVU financial aid department and I wasn’t able to return to school until Fall of 2017.

So I’m doing it all over again, but this time everyone I knew and had a great relationship with has graduated and moved on and I’ve only had a year to rebuild relationships with new people. That’s been pretty hard. The reason I need the good relationships is so this anthology edition can go through smoothly. The biggest problem is most of the people working on Touchstones right now are so busy, they don’t have a lot of time to work on the journal.

Things are going very slowly. We’ve only read about ten percent of what we should have and I’m worried people will not get much more done.

I’m kinda bummed about it.


Getting Ready for School

So I’m still doing research. I’m supposed to, but I also have to do other things, too. I’m hoping to be able to post comics to the school paper. The kind of comics I’ve been doing for the last six years are political in nature. I really like doing political portraits. I have a problem doing funny comics, because I often don’t feel funny about some of the people I get to draw.

That’s how it is with this subject: Steve Bannon. I find his brand of Steve Bannon #putz alt-right republican political cartoonrepublican politics repugnant. Yes, I think he’s dangerous, but only because he works to force animosity between American’s based on ethnicities. I know other people do it, too, but Bannon is in the news now.

There things I’m doing to get ready for school is write poetry. Not just the easy going haiku I sometimes post here, but form poetry or poetry that is a bit more difficult. I also have been reading poetry and finding prose to re-edit. I haven’t been in school for ten years. I gotta get better at what student’s do.