Grad School: MFA in Comic Studies

This weekend, after doing home work, I spent some time looking further into the different MFA programs I am interested in to determine which ones to apply to. Only a few nationwide are in schools that have comic studies classes available. Even then, those programs are only for undergrads. The Center for Comics Study does have a comics MFA, but it isn’t funded at any level, so it’s not a program I am interested in.

The school that looks the most promising is Virginia Commonwealth University, but its connection to comic studies seems pretty vague. I’m going to spend some time and check it out further, but right now it seems pretty weak sauce.

Google tells me the Universities of Florida and Oregon have some sort of connection to comic studies, but the MFA programs do not seem to be connected to their comic studies programs at all. This is a problem.

Comics and Graphic Novels are an important part of American literature in particular and a part of the literature of many other nations as well, but for some reason, no one is taking it very seriously. In the US anyway. There are a few programs in England, but I can’t attend those because I am quite poor and I do not want to go into any more debt than I have to. Starving during my masters and probable PhD will be alright since the schools I want to go to are funded, meaning I won’t accrue more debt unless I take out a loan. If I go to the University of Dundee for comic studies, I’d pile up debt in a hurry.

Blah. I’m going to work it really hard and see if I can come with a connection. If I can’t, I’ll pursue the MFA anyway and then work on comic studies once I’ve graduated.